IgniteWarsaw #2.0

5 Września 2011, 18:00 (Poniedziałek)

Zachęta - Narodowa Galeria Sztuki, Warszawa Zobacz na mapie

To wydarzenie już się skończyło. Zapraszamy na inne ciekawe wydarzenia.
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After the successful 1st edition in February 2011, we're back with round two of IgniteWarsaw!
Ignite was started in Seattle about three years ago, by O’Reilly’s Brady Forest and Bre Petis, formerly of “Make" magazine, and has since then taken on a life of its own with hundreds of talks given in dozens of cities around the world. The idea is fiendishly simple: five minutes on stage, with slides advancing automatically every fifteen seconds. When the buzzer sounds, you stop.
The Ignite events have been - in the main - the domain of geeks, hackers, nerds and other such creatures. Talks have ranged from hacking chocolate to what happens after you die. Naturally, technology and wicked programming tricks have been well covered but then so has making cheese at home. You can find information about Ignite at www.igniteshow.com.
We welcome all attendees who wish to get their brains sparked by ideas coming from our stage, and maybe join presenters in their endeavors. Entrance will be free, however prior registration is required. The event’s primary language will be English, with some of the presentations held in Polish, if the speakers so desire.
Up-to-date information about the event is always dispatched via our official website at www.ignitewarsaw.org

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